Beck Wattier

Weaknesses That Aren’t So Weak. Rambling.


Sometimes there are certain aspects of myself which I always see as weaknesses. We all have weaknesses, no big deal right? Right. But then I come to the realization that some of these ‘weaknesses’ are actually strengths, they are just so rarely found these days that they seem odd and out of place. I hate feeling like I’m crazy because the things I KNOW I am hearing are things that no one else seems to hear.

A lot of times I feel out of place. There are some things that I feel so strongly and so passionately about and it seems that I am serisouly crazy because no one else gives it a second thought. I’m different. And while there are always things that I will do wrong, and I always should be open to change, there are some core things that make me different that are not in fact weaknesses, but very real, very solid strengths. Strengths so strong that they could really shake things up.

I don’t know what to do with these things because, well, I can’t talk about them. People don’t want to listen, and the ones that do tend to just not get it. Which is fine. Like I said. I’m different.

I get tired of battling myself. My own thougts. War within my mind. It drains me a lot. It seems like there has been a lot of this lately. A constant war on my thoughts. I’ve been thinking a lot on the Word when it mentions ‘taking every thought captive’. Some days here lately have literally been a minute by minute battle of the mind. And I don’t mind that really, I just want to know I’m on the right path.

How do you make sure your thoughts are correct, when no one understands your passionate thinking?

Sometimes I wish I could stop seeing these strengths as weaknesses and just tune the world out and embrace them. I wish one person could sit down and not just listen but actually get what I’m saying. Sometimes I wish I could throw my entire self into living these strengths and ideas out regardless of if I have to do it alone or not. And I know I’m not alone. I’m learning more and more to lean on the One who is there when everyone else has decided their done with you.

I hate the recurring thought that I’m not that strong. That it’s hard. That it hurts.

These things are all true. But they’ve never stopped me before.

Deep breath.

Let’s Get Behind The Goers


This is going to be quick and straight to the point, apologies.

Many of you know my summer plans, if not, feel free to ask for the details. I still need $550 for my ticket before March 9th or I have to cancel the reservation. BUT, on top of that, I have a team of six people that are going with me to Uganda, and I personally know several other teams and individuals (starting in the next two weeks and continuing throughout the summer) going to Sonrise Baby Home, various parts of Uganda, and various parts of the world. All these people still need donations towards their trips.

If you’ve gone on a missions trip (or attempted to do anything for the sake of the gospel), you know it’s not easy and finances are always hard to come by. OBVIOUSLY, our God always provides and His work gets done in His timing and His way. I tend to lean towards the side of ‘If someone wants to go, they need to work hard and pay for it.’ Which is true, but God also provides through other people coming alongside and making a donation. Some of us are called to GO, and some of us are called to STAY, we’re all called to support the spread of the gospel.

I’m reminded of 3 John 5-8 which ends with “…..Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.”

By making a contribution to someone who is going, you are walking beside them in the work. You become a fellow worker. You have a part in the ministry that they do, the people that they serve, and the lives that are changed.

If you have extra money that you could give to support missions (and by extra, I mean as little as $5), please contact me ASAP and I will get you in touch with someone who needs it.

I’ve seen God do mind-blowing things, when hundreds of people with only a few dollars rally together for a cause. Let’s make this happen.

Thanks guys.

My Story


Christianity has always been a major part of my life. I’ve been in church since they let me leave the hospital. My parents provided us with a great Godly environment to grow up in and I’ve always been surrounded by great, encouraging, inspiring Christian mentors. When I was eight I did what all the good Southern Baptist kids did and walked the aisle, prayed the prayer, ‘accepted Jesus as my personal savior’ etc. Was I genuine? Very much so. And for years after that I found a ton of comfort and fulfillment in studying the bible, learning about theology and sharing with those who didn’t know.

Things changed right before I turned eighteen though. I had several setbacks that year, a lot of rough stuff, a lot of stuff happening to people around me that I cared about. Starting college, entering the working world, encountering a bunch of stuff I’d never been exposed to…a lot changed that year. I guess I wanted something more. I guess I got tired of the same old stuff. I guess I out grew the Sunday school lessons of ‘love your neighbor’ and ‘stealing is a sin’ and all those things we learn. I had bigger questions that I wanted answered. Was this really all there was to life? Did my life count? Did I really have a purpose and a role to live out and if so how did I know what it was? Why did God allow bad things to happen? Why would God let stuff like ‘this’ happen when I had been doing everything right? Why wouldn’t God answer my prayers and relieve this burden from my friend or deliver this person that I cared about so much from their situation?

The more my questions went unanswered, the more I started to take notice of things. Why is it that every time I ask a question I’m told that ‘God loves you and has a plan for your life’? That’s great, but I know that already, what about the question I asked? Are all these people here at church hurting like me and just covering it up? If they are then that means that we are all just a group of fake people. How can I trust a group of fake people to help me understand life?

And from there it turned to frustration and anger. These hypocrites! How can you judge the way people dress in morning worship? How can you preach one thing and do another? How can you raise your hands and sing about how God has set us free and then condemn others with your glances and your words and your social systems?

One more little piece of bad news that year and I had it. I told God I wanted to be left alone. I vowed to never go to church again. After all the years of believing in this God, in this system, I was devastated to think that it was all tainted by this sense of hypocrisy, false-hood, fakeness and judgment. I knew God existed, I still loved him very much, but I felt like I couldn’t get to Him. I felt like He was up there somewhere and in between Him and all of us was this giant mess of confusion and hypocrisy and people’s opinions and theories. I couldn’t get to the real God. I guess I felt like I had finally been awakened to the real world, the way things really were. I thought that was all there was too it. So, I quit. I ‘quit’ God, I quit church. I quit believing. I became a cynic. I lost hope. And I moved on.

Or so I thought. I love how we think we can ‘tell God he doesn’t exist’ or choose to walk away from God as if he isn’t holding our entire existence in the palm of his hand. How exactly do we think we can live life apart from God when there is no life apart from God? I don’t know. But I can tell you now, as I look back, I quit God but God never quit me. And it wasn’t like people say ‘God lets you walk away, but He’s always there waiting if you will just turn around and go back.’ Nope. God never left my side. He pursued me all the way. He was right behind me, even though I tried to tune Him out in so many ways. He ran after me and He kept running as fast and as long as I did.

And let me tell you, I ran. And I ran. And I kept running and kept tuning Him out and this went on for about two years. A lot can happen in two years, especially when you’re intentionally trying to run from God. A lot did happen in two years, and we’ll leave it at that for now. But after two years of running, I couldn’t tune Him out any longer. He was there, in such an overwhelming, overpowering way. I could feel it, I could sense it. I could almost taste it if that even makes sense.

I had no idea what I believed anymore. I had no idea who ‘God’ was. All that was in my mind was these facts and stories and lessons that I had learned throughout my whole life, and then all these new facts and theories and logical arguments as to why there’s no way the bible could be true, there’s no way a God like that could exist, there’s no way what churches teach can be fair or valid. It was such a jumbled mess I didn’t even know where to begin but I knew for a fact that I couldn’t trust someone else’s word or opinion, that whatever I was going to believe and decide was going to have to be mine- my own research, my own logic, my own conclusions.

So, December 6th, 2006 I decided to spend 30 days (Christmas break) studying, researching, thinking, writing- whatever it took- and at the end of those 30 days whatever conclusion I had reached is what I was going to go with. If I couldn’t find something that encouraged me to believe and gave me hope, then I was going to block out that little ‘voice’ once and for all. I was going to walk away for good.

So, what happened? I’ll save that for the next post….