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"Give Big Like Jesus" -Elijah’s Project


When I was seven, I saw a commerical for the American Diabetes Foundation asking people to donate to fund research for a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. I took a hot pink sock and filled it with every penny I could find around the house. I don’t remember what happened to the sock full of pennies, but I remember thinking if I could fill it up and send it in, maybe it would help someone.

When I was twelve I had a pen-pal from India. Her family sent a letter out asking people to pray that they would have money to buy bibles for the school they were starting. I calcualted how much the bibles cost, and how much each person in my youth group needed to contribute in order for us to buy them. If we all put in a few dollars, it would add up.

When I was nineteen I learned about the water crisis worldwide and how simple it was to fix by installing wells in countries that had no access to clean water. I pulled my cousins together and we decided we were going to raise money to build a well. We various fundraisers and eventually several news stations and news papers interviewed me. Word spread, more people got involved and ou motto became “If everyone gives a little, we can change the world.”

Today I am twenty-six and as I look back over the last couple years where I’ve been working and fundraising for different projects in Uganda, Africa, I estimate that we’ve raised well over $100,000. It is incredible to look back over my life and see how God has worked to instill in me a passion to change the world and to do big things in His name. I can see how each step along the way, He has used each of these little projects (and many more) to spur me on and push me forward to even bigger and greater things.

All this being said, I want to share about a project my friend Elijah is working on. Elijah just turned 9 last week, and instead of asking for presents this year, he asked his parents if they could get people to donate socks, towels and blankets to a local homeless shelter. As soon as I heard about it I knew I had to share. It took me back to all these projects (and others) and how, because many got behind and supported me, the projects were succesful in helping a lot of people. So take a minute and read the interview I did with Elijah, and consider getting involved or at least sharing his story. I think you will be just as challenged as I was:

Rebecca: For anyone that doesn’t know you, tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you have any hobbies? What’s your favortie kind of music?

Anybody that knows me knows that I love sports. My favorite sport to watch is basketball and my favorite to play is football. I really like to pray, I don’t do it all the time because I’m caught up in everything else, but I like to pray about basically anything that’s going on. Lecrae is my favorite kind of music but NeedtoBreath is my favorite band.

Rebecca: So I think I know everything about what you’re wanting to do, but let’s start with you just telling me how you got the idea and what your plan is.

Elijah: Well, the idea came because when it’s your birthday, you get gifts. But Jesus didn’t get gifts, He gave a gift. We live by the interstate in Grandbay and basically everytime we go somewhere we have to get on the interstate so we see a lot of people walking around. I actually thought of the idea while we were on the interstate.

Rebecca: After that you started looking into homeless shelters?

Elijah: At first we were just going to collect a few things and take the stuff to the people we found around the interstate but then we looked into it more. I called the shelter and asked what they needed and this Saturday we’re going to have lunch with the lady that runs the shelter and take the supplies to her.

Rebecca: So what exactly are you trying to collect?

Elijah: Towles, socks, and blankets.

Rebecca: And how much are you hoping to collect?

Elijah: We’re hoping to collect a lot because there are actually two shelters we want to give to. The women’s shelter has showers and so they said they are always needing more towels. They said socks are good to donate because it’s winter and a lot of homeless people have to walk a long way.

Rebecca: Some people who read this may know your family already but some may not know you at all, some people may not be able to give something but they can still be encouraged in hearing what you’re doing. Is there anything else you’d like to say to people who are going to read this?

Elijah: Just that, you know, Jesus did something big. No one can ever repay him for that. So we should all try the best we can to give big like Jesus did.

If you’d like to get involved and donate towels, socks, or blankets let us know! We can plan to meet up somewhere or you could mail a check and we can go buy the supplies here. You can reach me on:
Facebook: Rebecca Wattier
Cell: 251-422-3071

You can also help by sharing this through facebook and twitter, or leaving an encouraging comment- I’ll make sure Elijah sees them all.

**The Nicholson’s started a new church plant in the midtown Mobile area last year, South City Church, where I’m currently attending. If you’re in the Mobile area and are looking for a place to plug in you can find out more info at **

Dear Heart


There’s this fire that’s been building in my chest,

And I’ve been trying to write for days,
But I haven’t found the words,
Nothing seems able to convey,
The fullness of this feeling,
The burning that’s inside,
The urgency, the burden,
It’s been keeping me up at night.
So I’m tired of trying to make it pretty,
And I’m tired of trying to make it rhyme,
These words probably wont tickle your ears,
Because honestly, we don’t have that kind of time.
I realize I’ve been found guilty of many things,
But there’s one I consider worst,
Forgetting who my first love was
Turning away from him in pursuit of a curse.
Sin I willingly chose long ago,
And still, sin I willingly choose,
But hold on just a second because there’s more to the story,
He came with some really great news.
He saved me,
He ran, in pursuit of my dirt and my filth and my shame.
He gave me,
More than I can express, Christ Jesus, the name above all names.
And now it should be my turn,
To lay down my life,
To take this great news near and far,
But more often then not,
I find myself making excuses of why it’s too hard.
So this poem, it’s my own struggle you see,
To stay focused on the things that can’t wait
And I know surely I don’t struggle here alone,

Surely someone else out there can relate

Dear heart of mine, why do you run?

From the God who loves you, who sent his son?
This cold, relentless apathy,
This subtle sin, that leads astray
These worthless things that I pursue,
They leave me broken, hurt, and brusied.
‘The heart is deceitfully wicked’ Yes.
But I think I’m “Okay”, “I mean I’m doing my best.”

“Jesus, Savior, Lord and King!”
“Lead us to the cross” we sing
On Sunday as we pay our dues,
But do we really have a clue?
Do we really care to try?
To pick up our cross, to lay down our lives?
Do we really understand the mindset of the Son of Man?
We serve a God with a heart for the nations,
Self-centered church culture was never in the equation
So there is no time for our excuses

There’s no more time for this apathy,
If we don’t go, then they wont know
On this, we can agree.
And on this mission we can gather around-
We must go so the lost can be found

Church, awake from your slumber,
Rise out of your coffins
Let us shake off these chains of death.
Because He is worthy of our efforts,
Of our lives, just like His,
Poured out till there’s nothing left.

So what part are you playing?

Or are you playing at all?
Every one is needed off the bench
Because this challenge is in no way small
Some should go and some should send,
But everyone should be lending a hand
Step up, take part,
Right a check or travel far
but let us storm the gates of Hell with a battle cry so loud
All evil is left trembling in it’s quake.
Let us run as in a race,
With one goal and one aim,
With one banner, one name to proclaim,
Let us spread the good news,
That a new king has come,
That our sins are forgiven,
That our debts are gone!


We cannot be silent,
We cannot go back to sleep,
When the very hand of God has shaken us,
We must go,
And we must weep
For the millions who have yet to hear,
The thousands who have heard in part
Our ears should perk up at the mention,
Our hearts should be broken at the thought
Purge us Spirit, Make us whole
Cleanse us from this sins we know
All too well, for His name’s sake
Push us Lord, until we break
Sanctify us more and more
Shake us up, down to the core
Help us stir these stubborn hearts
Else our affections again depart

Father, take our lives and kill our flesh,
Strip us till there’s nothing left,
But Christ, Oh, Christ! and Christ alone,
May this cold heart be like His own.
Ignite us with Your eternal flame,
A burning passion for Your name,
In all the earth, We must push on
For every nation, tribe and tongue!

Dusting Off The Adventure Hat- It’s My Birthday


Birthdays don’t mean a lot to a lot of people, for some it’s just another day. Birthdays have always meant a lot to me. For me it’s a time to honor the life of someone you care about, a time to celebrate their life so far and everything they have achieved. I particularly like to do something special for the people whose lives have impacted mine in some way. There are people who have touched my life in such a way that if they had not been born, my life would be drastically different.

So it’s my birthday this Sunday, and I’m thinking through all these things. I always tell people the best thing you can do for me on my birthday is to tell me if I’ve made a difference in your life. That is the most encouraging thing to me, knowing that He is working in my life in a way that is serving a bigger purpose, knowing that things are different in this world because I am alive- I think it’s something we should all strive for. The thing is, it’s hard for a lot of people to express that. Some people will come right out and say it, some will send you a card with some thoughtful words, some will buy you a gift of some kind. And while there are a hundred random things someone could buy me (coffee, coffee giftcards, a life size cutout of Mark Foster and band…), there’s something in particular that I’d like to ask for this year.

Two weeks ago, someone wrote me and offered to pay for a plane ticket to Uganda this February. Most of you know, my family (parents and three siblings) have been planning a trip with a team of people from Alabama and Georgia. They are going to the village of Angoltok, Uganda, to about 2000 people who have very little access to the gospel but who have asked that we come and share with them. I need a whole other post to discuss the craziness of hearing that someone wanted to pay for me to go, and how though I’ve been working in Uganda the last three years, this is the first time I will get to go and serve alongside my younger siblings, and how my Ugandan sisters cried when I told them I was coming in a few weeks, and so many other thoughts related to all this. But, let me stop wasting your time and get to the point-
As a team, we need to raise some money to cover in country costs (fuel, food, etc) and I want to raise $500 of that this weekend. I figured I would ask for 50 of my friends to make a donation of $10 each. Pretty simple, right?
So maybe that’s you, and you want to give $10, or maybe that’s you but you don’t have $10. Here’s how you can help:
  1. Go to to make a one time donation. Where it asks if there are any special instructions, just type in my name (Rebecca).
  2. Repost this. Forward this link to your friends, post it on your Facebook, retweet it. Ask people to read it, consider giving $10, or just repost it themselves. It means a lot when people hear it coming from me, it means even more coming from you.

If you have more questions about the team, the trip, or anything else, I’d love to talk with you. You can get me on Facebook, at, or 251-422-3071

Thank guys!