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Update on Flavia


Well guys, we did it! In just a little over a week we were able to pull together $115 to meet our goal to send to Flavia. If you are just getting in on this little venture then be sure to check out the post Flavia, as well as the one titled If You Can’t Feed 100 People, Feed Just One.

$15 was spent to cover the cost of hiring someone to go to the market and buy the supplies and the transportation costs to get everything to her. The other $100 let us buy her a whole bunch of food and supplies. Check out the picture below!

We bought her eggs, oil, butter, onions, tomatoes, meat, milk, Matoke (giant green banana looking things), some bars of soap, beans, rice, soda, salt, sugar, irish potatoes,  G-nut paste, Bushera flour for porridge, and some toothpaste. A lot of the non perishable items like the beans, flour, matoke, and oil, she will be able to keep for a couple months and eat on along with other things so this is really going to take her a long way.

I am hoping that we can check back in with her in a few months to see how she has doing. If anyone would like to pass on a message of encouragement to her you can leave a comment here or send it to me at and I will get it passed along.

Thanks to everyone that donated a couple dollars towards this, it really blew me away how fast we met this goal. Most of the donations that came in were just $5 or $10 and it just goes to show that everyone giving a little bit can contribute to making a big difference! I am working on pulling together the next story of a woman that we will be helping so keep an eye out for it. If you would like more information, if you’ve got some ideas you would like to talk over, or if you would like to get some friends together and have me come share more ways you can get involved just let me know!

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