Beck Wattier

A New Perspective on Christmas Eve

This holiday season my heart has felt heavy,
I wanted to write about it but I didn’t really feel ready,
Because honestly, I’m still struggling to understand and to reconcile
How to process all this evil, and still carry a smile,

How do I find joy in my Creator, while His creation is going crazy?

It makes me wonder, and makes me question,
I’ve been facing doubts and my faith seems hazy.
But I write to express these things, I write to sort through,
And I share in hopes that it can encourage you
I’ve been thinking- a long time ago and a long way away,
There was another generation who were awaiting a day,
When a Savior would come and peace would reign,
Their pain would cease, and joy would remain
In the darkest times when they couldn’t see light,
They held on to the promise that all would be right,
That God was still there, that hope was alive,
That a Saviour would come and God’s people would thrive

No one expected this ‘savior’ to take the form

Of a little baby boy who would be birthed in a barn,
Surrounded by animals and wrapped up in rags,
No heralds, no trumpets, no royal flags,
The place He was born and the time He stepped in,
Was also covered in darkness and drowning in sin
We tend to forget that on that very day,
Herod, the king, had a thousand kids slain,
Just to ensure that he held on to his power,
That this supposed ‘savior’ didn’t live to devour
His political kingdom that had taken control
So there was weeping and pain as the people tried to console
The mothers and fathers who screamed for their children
And cried out to their God who seemed to be hidden
And that’s just the thing that we need to remember,
When we hear about shootings, buildings falling in September,
When we hear rumor that our rights are being taken away,
When things are unstable, when our government strays.
Along side all these people who wept and who mourned,
And anticipated the day when all things would be restored,
In the midst of this darkness and the midst of our pain,
Fear, heartache, and suffering, a promise still remains,
God is still here, our hope-He is alive,
Our King is still coming, His church, -we will thrive
One day all things will be right once again,
He’ll wipe away every tear, and all sin will end,
We will bask in his presence, we will sleep in His arms,
Safe from every evil thing, far from worry, far from harm.
He is still coming, and we have to hold on,
His grace is enough, He will make us strong,
We can take refuge in our sympathizing King,
Because He’s been where we are, He has seen what we’re seeing
He conquered it all, even death and the grave,
So that we could find peace, and in Him- we could be saved.
So while my heart is still hurting and things are unstable,
I can smile and spread hope, because I know He is able,
He wont disappoint us, He wont look away,
He is still in control, that will never change
And this Christmas Eve can mean so much more to me,
Because just like those people, I’m awaiting my King.

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