Beck Wattier

Coffee Stained Pages Pt.1





At times there is a heaviness within you that gladness cannot reach

Surrounded by numerous joy filled things, the joy is reflected by this heaviness that has surrounded your heart and anchored your soul

You carry the heaviness in hopes that it will fade

“You will get stronger, just keep going.”

“It will get lighter, just don’t stop.”

But no. It does not, it will not, you cannot.

People see your struggle and reach out.

“Here, here is love, hold it tightly and feel better.”

So you grasp on to love, you squeeze it so tightly and wait for it to sink deep down inside within you

But it does not

There is a heaviness that stands taller, stronger

The thickness of this heaviness allows for no love to come thru

You feel warm on the outside but the cold remains within.



Sometimes your spirit is so heavy within you, you say to it, “I cannot carry you around.”

So you leave it to carry itself

And you leave yourself

And you become something other

Something not yourself

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