Beck Wattier

Coffee Stained Pages Pt. 2


IMG_20150125_184438 (2)There are many places you dream of seeing yourself in your head,

Out of all of them very few will actually ever happen

The ones that do take place are the ones you never dreamed of,

The good and the bad

The unexpected
Adventures get traded for responsibilities,

Big dreams get traded for paying the bills,

School girl crushes and dreams of forever get exchanged for broken hearts and ‘why did you leave me’s?’

Changing the world becomes trying to survive the world that’s changing you


Crusted walls begin to form around the once fleshy warm substance of your heart

Is this it?

Is this what we’ve been running towards?

How did we get here?

Lost in a battle you never signed up to fight in

Unaware of what team you’re on or who is on your side or what anyone is fighting for anyway


You close your eyes one night on the floor of your parents living room

Dreaming of what your house will look like when you get married and move away,

You wake up to find yourself sitting in the hallway of your very own house asking

‘Where are the grown ups?’

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