Beck Wattier

Dear Heart of Mine


Dear heart of mine, why do you run
From the God who loves you, who sent His Son
Cold, relentless, apathy,
Sin so tasty, that leads astray.
These worthless things that we pursue,
That leave us broken, hurt and bruised
‘The heart is deceitfully wicked’, Yes,
We think we’re “ok”; “We’re doing our best.”

Purge us Spirit, Make us whole
Cleanse us from these sins we know
All too well, for His name’s sake
Push us Lord, until we break
Sanctify us more and more
Shake us up, down to the core
Help us stir these stubborn hearts
Else our affections again depart
Jesus! Savior! Lord and King!
“Lead us to the cross,” we sing
On Sunday as we pay our dues,
But do we really have a clue?
Do we really care to try?
Pick up our cross, lay down our lives?
Do we really understand,
The mindset of the Son of Man?

Take our lives and kill our flesh,
Strip us till there’s nothing left,
But Christ, Oh, Christ! and Christ alone,
May this cold heart be like His own.

Ignite us with Your eternal flame,
A burning passion for Your name,
In all the earth, We must push on
For every nation, tribe and tongue!

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