Beck Wattier

Dear Heart


There’s this fire that’s been building in my chest,

And I’ve been trying to write for days,
But I haven’t found the words,
Nothing seems able to convey,
The fullness of this feeling,
The burning that’s inside,
The urgency, the burden,
It’s been keeping me up at night.
So I’m tired of trying to make it pretty,
And I’m tired of trying to make it rhyme,
These words probably wont tickle your ears,
Because honestly, we don’t have that kind of time.
I realize I’ve been found guilty of many things,
But there’s one I consider worst,
Forgetting who my first love was
Turning away from him in pursuit of a curse.
Sin I willingly chose long ago,
And still, sin I willingly choose,
But hold on just a second because there’s more to the story,
He came with some really great news.
He saved me,
He ran, in pursuit of my dirt and my filth and my shame.
He gave me,
More than I can express, Christ Jesus, the name above all names.
And now it should be my turn,
To lay down my life,
To take this great news near and far,
But more often then not,
I find myself making excuses of why it’s too hard.
So this poem, it’s my own struggle you see,
To stay focused on the things that can’t wait
And I know surely I don’t struggle here alone,

Surely someone else out there can relate

Dear heart of mine, why do you run?

From the God who loves you, who sent his son?
This cold, relentless apathy,
This subtle sin, that leads astray
These worthless things that I pursue,
They leave me broken, hurt, and brusied.
‘The heart is deceitfully wicked’ Yes.
But I think I’m “Okay”, “I mean I’m doing my best.”

“Jesus, Savior, Lord and King!”
“Lead us to the cross” we sing
On Sunday as we pay our dues,
But do we really have a clue?
Do we really care to try?
To pick up our cross, to lay down our lives?
Do we really understand the mindset of the Son of Man?
We serve a God with a heart for the nations,
Self-centered church culture was never in the equation
So there is no time for our excuses

There’s no more time for this apathy,
If we don’t go, then they wont know
On this, we can agree.
And on this mission we can gather around-
We must go so the lost can be found

Church, awake from your slumber,
Rise out of your coffins
Let us shake off these chains of death.
Because He is worthy of our efforts,
Of our lives, just like His,
Poured out till there’s nothing left.

So what part are you playing?

Or are you playing at all?
Every one is needed off the bench
Because this challenge is in no way small
Some should go and some should send,
But everyone should be lending a hand
Step up, take part,
Right a check or travel far
but let us storm the gates of Hell with a battle cry so loud
All evil is left trembling in it’s quake.
Let us run as in a race,
With one goal and one aim,
With one banner, one name to proclaim,
Let us spread the good news,
That a new king has come,
That our sins are forgiven,
That our debts are gone!


We cannot be silent,
We cannot go back to sleep,
When the very hand of God has shaken us,
We must go,
And we must weep
For the millions who have yet to hear,
The thousands who have heard in part
Our ears should perk up at the mention,
Our hearts should be broken at the thought
Purge us Spirit, Make us whole
Cleanse us from this sins we know
All too well, for His name’s sake
Push us Lord, until we break
Sanctify us more and more
Shake us up, down to the core
Help us stir these stubborn hearts
Else our affections again depart

Father, take our lives and kill our flesh,
Strip us till there’s nothing left,
But Christ, Oh, Christ! and Christ alone,
May this cold heart be like His own.
Ignite us with Your eternal flame,
A burning passion for Your name,
In all the earth, We must push on
For every nation, tribe and tongue!

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