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Dusting Off The Adventure Hat- It’s My Birthday


Birthdays don’t mean a lot to a lot of people, for some it’s just another day. Birthdays have always meant a lot to me. For me it’s a time to honor the life of someone you care about, a time to celebrate their life so far and everything they have achieved. I particularly like to do something special for the people whose lives have impacted mine in some way. There are people who have touched my life in such a way that if they had not been born, my life would be drastically different.

So it’s my birthday this Sunday, and I’m thinking through all these things. I always tell people the best thing you can do for me on my birthday is to tell me if I’ve made a difference in your life. That is the most encouraging thing to me, knowing that He is working in my life in a way that is serving a bigger purpose, knowing that things are different in this world because I am alive- I think it’s something we should all strive for. The thing is, it’s hard for a lot of people to express that. Some people will come right out and say it, some will send you a card with some thoughtful words, some will buy you a gift of some kind. And while there are a hundred random things someone could buy me (coffee, coffee giftcards, a life size cutout of Mark Foster and band…), there’s something in particular that I’d like to ask for this year.

Two weeks ago, someone wrote me and offered to pay for a plane ticket to Uganda this February. Most of you know, my family (parents and three siblings) have been planning a trip with a team of people from Alabama and Georgia. They are going to the village of Angoltok, Uganda, to about 2000 people who have very little access to the gospel but who have asked that we come and share with them. I need a whole other post to discuss the craziness of hearing that someone wanted to pay for me to go, and how though I’ve been working in Uganda the last three years, this is the first time I will get to go and serve alongside my younger siblings, and how my Ugandan sisters cried when I told them I was coming in a few weeks, and so many other thoughts related to all this. But, let me stop wasting your time and get to the point-
As a team, we need to raise some money to cover in country costs (fuel, food, etc) and I want to raise $500 of that this weekend. I figured I would ask for 50 of my friends to make a donation of $10 each. Pretty simple, right?
So maybe that’s you, and you want to give $10, or maybe that’s you but you don’t have $10. Here’s how you can help:
  1. Go to to make a one time donation. Where it asks if there are any special instructions, just type in my name (Rebecca).
  2. Repost this. Forward this link to your friends, post it on your Facebook, retweet it. Ask people to read it, consider giving $10, or just repost it themselves. It means a lot when people hear it coming from me, it means even more coming from you.

If you have more questions about the team, the trip, or anything else, I’d love to talk with you. You can get me on Facebook, at, or 251-422-3071

Thank guys!


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