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     Flavia is 18 years old and living in Jinja, Uganda. She was working in the capital city of Kampala as house help, cooking and cleaning, when she was raped and subsequently contracted HIV/AIDS. She has worked some for one of my sisters in Jinja but has been very sick and weak lately which has made it hard to be able to earn any kind of sustainable income.  HIV/AIDS care has come very far and there are medications available to her free of charge. Her biggest problem right now is that the meds have terrible side effects if they are not being taken along with a good and nutritious diet. Because she can’t work, she can’t afford to buy food.

   After talking over the details it seems that the best way we can assist her right now is to provide a one time donation to purchase an adequate amount of healthy foods for her to get herself back up to strength. She can then pursue further medical care and hopefully return to working full time. There are many things in this young lady’s life that we can’t change. We can’t go back and protect her from the man who assaulted her. We can’t change that she now has this health condition that is going to be with her the rest of her life. But we can lend a hand and help her get back on her feet and in a position where she can continue to make the most out of her future.

   I feel like this is a concept we can all let sink in. We are rarely in control of what happens to us, and we can never go back and set all the wrongs to right, but as the sun rises each morning we’re reminded that there are brand new days ahead to take advantage of. I think one of the best ways to fight back against the darkness that creeps up in this world is to simply keep going in the face of  the things that attempt to take us out.

   Let’s help Flavia make the most of her future. For $115 we can get her 2 months worth of food. If we break that down we need 23 people to give $5. Who’s in?

Follow this link to make a donation and check our progress 


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