Beck Wattier

Going Back


I wrote this one evening in my tent in the middle of a village in Uganda. It’s about the struggle of coming back from a mission trip and how we can so quickly forget to live intentionally. Enjoy!

“Going Back”

Let us not forget these days
When we’ve gone back home
When we’ve parted ways
When work and school and family call
Let us pray in these times that our hearts don’t grow small
So many distractions are at every turn
It’s hard to stay focused
To remember the burn
Of our hearts and our passion
While we’ve sat and we’ve talked
Of our mission and our purpose
As we go, as we’ve walked
This struggle I have seen
And this struggle I have known
As time has passed and He has led
I’ve wrestled and I’ve grown
We sometimes think that God is only working in certain places
So we travel far to serve, and come back home with shining faces,
But quickly tire out because we just want to go back
Forgetting, no matter place or time
His presence we never lack.
He’s there, in the mundance and slow
The plain and everyday
He’s here, in distant villages
Going before, leading the way
But always He remains the same
Our God, He never changes
Near or far, all circumstances
He is the one who sustains us
So let’s seek Him now
And let’s seek Him then
Let’s pray that our passion remains
That our hearts will beat fast
And our chests, they will burn
Whenever we mention the name
Of the One who has saved us, broken our chains,
Placed this great joy in our souls
Let us mention this name wherever we go
Let us stir up the hearts that are cold
Let us remember this time with smiles and good thoughts
Let’s say ‘Yeah those days were great!’
But when we return to our homes and our familes
A misison still remains that can’t wait

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