Beck Wattier

Here’s To You



Here’s to you. You know who you are. God has shown you a glimpse of what is to come, and He has asked you to trust Him and step out to a scary place. Maybe He has given you direction, maybe He has asked you to wait when you want to move, maybe you’ve walked a ways with Him and now it seems He has stepped away.

Here’s to you. You’re the one holding on to a promise He gave you long ago. The one refusing to give in to the doubt. The one still believing even when the odds seem unbelievable.

Here’s to you. You’re the one that has more inside your heart than you can share with anyone around you. They just wont understand. You sometimes feel something must be wrong with you, you sometimes wish you didn’t think the way you did.

Here’s to you. You’re the one that’s been praying for that one thing for what seems like forever. Sometimes you wonder why you care. Sometimes you want to throw your hands up and walk away.

Here’s to you. You’re the one pouring everything you have into what you believe in even though you aren’t guaranteed any results.

Here’s to you.  He has called you further, He is calling you deeper, the burden that you carry is changing more than you know. Beauty comes from the struggle. Our tears often fertilize the soil that we have been planting seeds in. You are a fighter, and this fight is worth it. Don’t you dare quit now.

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