Beck Wattier

I Am Waiting

I am waiting,
Cause there is nothing else to do,
Everything I am and have, 
I hand it up to You
So will you take me?
You say that You make all things new,
Well I’m torn apart and bleeding,
So tell me, is it true?
Can You heal me?
Can you take this mess I’m in?
Can you fix this?
Will I ever smile again?
My heart is heavy,
And my eyes cannot see light,
Is morning ever coming?
Is there an end to this dark night?
My thoughts are racing,
And I do not understand
How painful things can somehow have a purpose in Your plan
But I will trust You,
You are faithful,
You are good
I asked You not to leave me,
And You swore You never would
So I will wait here
I’ll stand my ground and wait for You
You are my God,
And all Your promises stand true
Yes, I will trust You
I’ll cling to truth and fight off lies
Because no matter how it seems I’m being watched by sovereign eyes
Come quickly,
Wrap me tight in Your embrace
Wipe my tears,
And let me gaze upon Your face
My highest treasure,
You hold my heart,
You hold my hand,
And You will finish what you start
So I am waiting

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