Beck Wattier

Just A Journal Entry


“God’s hand is very evident in my life. By that I mean His faithfulness- to mold and chisel and pull back every layer that is in the way of me being fully His, fully free, fully surrendered. Still struggling. Still praying. Still learning. But I’m seeing that He is leading my through it all, and re-learning that He is truly trustworthy. I can rely on Him to look out for me. He will do whatever is necessary to keep me seeking Him, and often times it will hurt- that tearing me away from whatever it is that I’m holding onto in place of Him. But I know that He is for me. He is keeping me. And therefore I can give the hurt up to Him and ask for His help in pushing through and learning on the way. I find myself craving wisdom lately- wanting to be able to speak words of life into people and situations all around me- and realizing that this type of wisdom comes not from books or classes, but from walking through the hard things hand in hand with Him and allowing Him to speak into my life in such a way that touches on my deepest hurts and fears.”

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