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Let’s Get Behind The Goers


This is going to be quick and straight to the point, apologies.

Many of you know my summer plans, if not, feel free to ask for the details. I still need $550 for my ticket before March 9th or I have to cancel the reservation. BUT, on top of that, I have a team of six people that are going with me to Uganda, and I personally know several other teams and individuals (starting in the next two weeks and continuing throughout the summer) going to Sonrise Baby Home, various parts of Uganda, and various parts of the world. All these people still need donations towards their trips.

If you’ve gone on a missions trip (or attempted to do anything for the sake of the gospel), you know it’s not easy and finances are always hard to come by. OBVIOUSLY, our God always provides and His work gets done in His timing and His way. I tend to lean towards the side of ‘If someone wants to go, they need to work hard and pay for it.’ Which is true, but God also provides through other people coming alongside and making a donation. Some of us are called to GO, and some of us are called to STAY, we’re all called to support the spread of the gospel.

I’m reminded of 3 John 5-8 which ends with “…..Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.”

By making a contribution to someone who is going, you are walking beside them in the work. You become a fellow worker. You have a part in the ministry that they do, the people that they serve, and the lives that are changed.

If you have extra money that you could give to support missions (and by extra, I mean as little as $5), please contact me ASAP and I will get you in touch with someone who needs it.

I’ve seen God do mind-blowing things, when hundreds of people with only a few dollars rally together for a cause. Let’s make this happen.

Thanks guys.

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