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New Seasons


Summer has just begun here in Mobile, Al. This week school got out and people headed in mass towards the beach. The weather is beautiful (although we all know the heat is coming), and tags such as #Summer2013 have begun popping up all over social media.

I have had a lot of thoughts about this new season. Besides the actual change of season, there are several things that have changed in my personal life, relationships, and routine this month. Some things have come to a close, some things have begun. There are aspects of myself that I have done away with and new things I am venturing into exploring. There are goals of things I wish to accomplish over the next few months and goals of things I hope to not be dealing with at the end of the next few months. All this to say, I’ve been dwelling on thoughts of change and improvement.

Some seasons, like Summer, are handed to us, and whether we want to or not, we are going to go through them. Some seasons though, are up to us to initiate. This life is short, we have to be intentional. Are you in need of some major changes? Are you living life to the fullest or does time seem to be flying over your head? It’s never too late to initiate a new season.

Make a list:
1) Things about your life that you’re not happy with.
2) Things you’ve always been interested in but have never taken time to experiment with.
3) People you want to know better but you never invest time with.
4) Personal issues, bad habits, struggles, etc, that you want to overcome.
5) New things you want to push yourself to try.

Embrace new things. Embrace change. Start a new season.
What’s on your list?

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