Beck Wattier

Shake It Off


Shake it off- all of it
Every word, every memory
Brush it off
Just like the dust you wipe off the top of a bookshelf
Let if float through the air, fading from your memory,
Falling slowly, just like you fell for him
Peacefully unaware of what is happening or what the final destination will be
The cold floor, among many other things that were swiped to the side,
Just like you

Your hands were as comforting as the outside of a paper cup filled with freshly brewed coffee.

But your feet, it was as though they bore metal spikes at the bottom, and every step you took closer punctured me just a little deeper
It wasn’t noticeable then, there was no pain
Until one day you walked away,
Leaving me here with a heart full of holes,
Instead of blood it seems like the very essence of my existence poured out.
I was like a life-raft, deflating by the second, getting swallowed by the sea as this reality set in.

It was all my fault really,

Or that’s what they said
I thought surely the ten foot stone walls of fortress I put up would keep you out
But somehow you managed to climb over
You were determined
But then unsure
And then sure what you wanted wasn’t here

But that’s okay, Everyone makes mistakes

To know what you want you have to know what you don’t want
So am I the mistake?
That’s a little hard to swallow

But nevermind,

Let the dust settle,
Shake it all off

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