Beck Wattier

Something I Wrote A Ways Back


Hold my hand cause I can’t see and my only hope is You leading me,

Hold my heart cause the cut is deep and it feels like all life is beginning to flee,

Hold my head cause my thoughts are racing, focus is lost, these are giants I’m facing,

Wipe my tears cause the pain is real, I’m becoming numb when I just want to feel,

Steady my lungs cause I’m so afraid that I’ll be found lacking at the end of the day,

Why do I worry and why do I plan when all that I have rests in your hands?

Why do I cry and why do I grieve, Your word is truth, You’ll never leave,

Lord take this burden, help me to let go,

Help me believe, Help me to know,

Help me to remember just How far we’ve come,

How Your love is redeeming, How you sent Your Son,

How in the midst of doubt and fear, everything’s wrong and nothing’s clear,

Nothing has changed, You’re purpose goes on,

You are Good, You are Holy, You are Sovereign, You are GOD

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