Beck Wattier

These Tears


“These Tears”

With my head in my palms

Heart poured out to You
A single tear makes it way down this cheek
As it falls toward the ground
I see within it somehow
And am impressed with the things it contains

Thoughts and feelings, people, places
Everything my head cannot contain
Processing, sorting, dwelling and seeking
Releasing it all here in this place
This place, where words are faulty to explain all the things kept inside
Where feelings of both joy and pain are destined to collide
There’s this question welling up but fear of the answer holds it back:

Do you see me?

Am I known?

Through these tears You begin to paint a portrait, and I know
This whole life is but a tear in the palm of Your hand

And yet You keep it

These tears are cherished

You see me, and I am known
Not like facts and figures or knowledge that can be gathered
But we are one
This mystery

Through Your death I’m hidden in You
And even more- Your Spirit is in me

When my heart beats fast You feel it,

When my cheeks hurt from smiling, You’re there
And when these tears, they fall, You catch them
You warm my heart and stir my affection
You lift my gaze and call my attention
“Behold- I make all things new.”

“You once were blind but now you see
Once we were enemies, now you long after me
Once you were empty, now you are filled
Once dead in your sin, now you are healed
And though this life still holds much pain
I’ll take these tears just like the rain
Showered down into the soil
Worked and tilled with lots of toil
Till one day a stroke of green appears

Life will come forth, beauty is near”

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