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I said it.

I’m going there.

I’m cringing.

Here we go:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about time. How fast it goes by, how best to manage it, how to make the most of it. This life is so short and I want to make the most of it while I’m here.

These words challenge me:

If time was money, would you spend it the same way?
Dang. I mean, really. Ouch.We could talk about time with many different specific categories. But right now tv is on my mind, and more specifically netflix.

Now I’ve been a part of conversations (and I’ve supported the logic) making the point that netflix/tv is an escape, and for some people that go and go and go and are consistently having to think of heavy things, it is the only escape they can get. Some of us have minds that just wont stop and so it’s actually helpful to have something that forces you to veg out for a bit. I get that, I can relate.
I’ve also been a part of conversations where people are almost bragging at how many season of such and such they have watched in one week, or how they spent the entire day in their pjs watching the newest season of ______. Let me be the first to say ‘Guilty!’ I’ve done it. I’m with you.But my heart sometimes whispers that there’s more.

When we get to the end of our life, and we, as believers, stand before Christ face to face and begin to give an account for everything that our life has held, what will our thoughts be? We tend to think of that moment as us standing with head turned down while He replays scene by scene all the opportunities we had that we passed up, or all the times we chose to do the wrong thing. Then after He’s done we stand there in shame as He says ‘but it’s okay, I love you anyway’ and welcomes us in. (Relief! Wheew.)
What if instead of that, we’re the ones doing the talking? What if instead of Christ giving us a performance review, we get a chance to give him a performance summary? What if we get to be like the kid coming home from school with a brand new art project to show dad? We’ve labored, we’ve made a lot of sacrifices, and now we get to show Him what we’ve done with the things He entrusted to us.
What if we get to present all the things we’ve done to honor the One who redeemed us?This puts a different perspective on how I spend my time.

When I stand before Him and give an account of what my life has held, I want to have as much to talk about as I possibly can. Not because I want to brag on myself, but because He is worth it.
When we are face to face with the God, made man, that gave His life for us, and we get to show Him what we’ve done for Him, will we wish that we watched a couple more seasons of _____?
These thoughts are challenging to me. What about you?

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