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When God Speaks



The other night I was on my way home from coffee shop hanging downtown. My gas light was on and I was debating if I had enough to get home or if I needed to go ahead and stop. I decided to stop since I had somewhere to be early the next morning and didn’t want to have to fuel up. There was a car broken down in the turning lane of the highway but I didn’t think much about it and proceeded to pull up to the pump and get out. A lady walked over and began to explain her situation.

“Excuse me. Well, this is really embarrassing, but, well, I’m trying to get back home to Mississippi and honestly, I’ve been at the hospital for the last few days and spent what money I had left on food. Do you have a couple dollars I could use for gas?”

So we push the car to the pump and I put my card in the machine and begin pumping gas into the tank. I’m trying to start up conversation (honestly because I feel awkward) but if you know me at all, the more I try to force conversation, the more I make things awkward. The lady wouldn’t even look me in the eye, she was genuinely embarrassed about the situation.

It’s only seconds passing, but I feel so much pressure to say something powerful that’s going to impact her…you know, cause in that moment what she needed was a life-altering word of wisdom from Rebecca Wattier.  I mean, obviously God sent me here, the good hearted Christian, to help this poor lady. You know, because we offer help to people but only as a means to share the gospel. “I’m giving you gas money but only because Jesus wants you to know He loves you.”

Sometimes I think I’m so busy trying to tell people what Jesus wants them to know that He can’t get a word in to people Himself.

I asked her why she was at the hospital.

“My mom was life-flighted to USA this week, she’s not doing so well. We’ve been there for a few days but things aren’t looking too good. I have to get back for work in the morning or I’ll lose my job, I didn’t know how I was going to make back. I don’t know how I’ll make it back to the hospital. But He has never let me down. He hasn’t always done what I thought He should have, but He’s never left me. It’s one day at a time, you know, it always comes together.”

I told her that I’ve been the person on the side of the road before, and that it happens to the best of us. I told her that I’ve been struggling to trust Him because nothing that’s around me right now looks the way I thought it should according to the plans I made years ago. I asked her about her mom and as she continued sharing she looked me in the eyes finally and grabbed my hand. I saw her tears but I saw through her tears and into her eyes and into her soul it seemed. And in that moment we weren’t in-need stranger and good-hearted stranger, but we were two women that weren’t really that much different

My $20 wasn’t the gift she needed most that night, my open ears were. And my open ears weren’t as important to her as they were to me. 

Sometimes people don’t need our advice as much as they need our encouragement. Sometimes people don’t need instruction as much as they need to know that they’re not the only ones. And sometimes, when God speaks, it’s in the moments where we all stop trying to speak for Him and just hold hands.

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